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Chapter Two…..

Just returned after watching the play “Chapter Two” by Evam. It was my first play and to just say it was good wud b an understatement !!!!

I don’t know if its sheer excitement of witnessing “pure acting” for the first time, or the play itself, I took some time to get over it and to get outa that frame of mind. Infact I was so not myself that I remember answering swetha involuntarily…even better….she shook hands with me congratulating me to have watched such a good play for my first , and I give her my hand with my fingers pointing to the ground !!!!!!!!!!!!! If I remember , it was the weakest handshake ever !!! I felt like Brian Herzilinger from the documentary “ My Date with Drew”….. 😦

I could say without a doubt that my senses were delighted!! I wouldn’t use inappropriate adjectives or superlatives to describe the play, and neither wud I wana comment on the artists cos its my first…. Wud just wana say ….”Go watch it” ….

I am afraid if that cud b possible, cos it was the last show for the day and the group was heading back to Chennai the same night…. 😦

At the end of it , after all the circus I did to make it on time (ok ok ……I got in atleast !! :-)) … it was worth it all … thank u haas , for asking me to join in and also for picking up the tickets on our behalf , aparna for waiting with the tickets , swetha and anath for the gud time ( well the handshake too !! swetha ….), kittu for the short rip off we had heading bak home !!! ….. Thank u all ….had a great time !!!

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  1. April 3, 2006 at 6:38 pm

    I always remember your hand shake being firm, so it did feel weird when i shook ur hand, then i thought maybe i caught u off gaurd!!!;-)… but i am so glad u liked the play. The joy u get when you watch people acting in front of you live is somethin a movie can never offer!Hemanth at 7:29 i gave up on you thinking u cant make it and so i went it. But appu didnt :). Thank her. if not for her you wdn’t have watched the play!

    PS:I stil have to watch “My date with drew”

  2. hk
    April 4, 2006 at 7:51 pm

    Ya, the play was awesome, had seen acts, skits, street plays back in college…. never knew theater wud b so much more original …. and ya , me to thought that i wudnt b able to make it …. thanks to aparna for waiting 🙂 …
    U must watch the documentry … u wud understand how i felt !!! i must hav a copy .. will pass it on ..

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