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Up the stairs …..

I just came in to office , but unlike the usual routine, i hit the stairs today with ramya.It was the second time i was doing this and felt good about it considering how lazy i have become.Thanks to ramya …..

The first time we did this was a few weeks ago…… we were returning after (a heavy) lunch,we got into the lift and half way thru we were hit by this idea to climb the stairs . We reached our floor, just to shut the elevator doors and go all the way down , and climb up again !!! Our agility 😦 ( or the lack of it !!) began to show as we reached the 4th floor. As we peeked out of the window all along the staircase , we saw an eagle investigating the grooves b/w the window panes of the building.Initially it seemed as if it was trying to pull something out of the groove, but as we reached the fifth floor , we realized it that its leg was actually stuck in between the groove!! It was really disturbing to c a bird in such a situation. But luckily it got its leg out after a while and was finally free!!Luckily no bird this time !! 🙂

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