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Kushalnagar …..Day 1

To just say that “I had returned from one of the best trips ever “ wud b an understatement !!

Had been to Kushalnagar last weekend with 8 of my colleagues, little did I expect that it would turn to be one of the best trips i had been on so far!!

Despite the speculations about all the places on our minds , accommodation hitches, permutations and combinations of plan A’s , plan B’s and C’s …. we decided to go ahead with the plan , we stuck to it ,and it finally payed off !! I wud b a hypocrite if I don’t say , that at a point I had given up all hopes of this trip from happening and was in a good mind to suggest scrapping the idea cos we cudnt manage accomodation!! Thanks to the perseverance of a few determined guys and rest of the clueless bunch ( who until Friday evening , didn’t know where we were going and for how long!! Except that we were going , and by our cars ) . Must say , without Vikram HV and Satish ‘s “ We’ll go , come what may ” attitude it wouldn’t have been possible !! It was probably the sole reason that propelled the whole thing and made it happen !! Kudos To u guys !! All credit to them !! Believe me when I say that this trip turned to be better than any other planned trips we have had !!

Now that we finally made arrangements for accommodations ( by late Friday evening ) , we decided to hit the road by 4 am next morning according to our earlier plans. We all assembled near Swetha’s place by 5 ( IST 4am 😀 ) , with just Rashmi to b picked up along the way. It was around 5:15 or thereabouts when we reached Mysore road and started our journey .

It was a dream to drive at that hour of the morning ,with the road all to ourselves with just a couple a vehicles here and there , occasionally reminding us that v were leaving a busy city behind us. The destination was Veerabhoomi , a resort in Kushalnagar. Kushalnagar is about 80 kms off Mysore enroute Madikeri. We split the route into two legs , with the first checkpoint being at Mysore and then the second being Kushalnagar itself. We had to check in around 2:00 in the afternoon , with 230+ km ahead of us, we assumed we wud need about 6 -7 hours to cover the distance enjoying the drive.

But little did we know that the drive to Mysore would be completed in under two and a half hours!! It was a tad under 7:30 when we realized we had almost reached the Mysore city !! We had almost done 130 km under 2 hours. It was a great stretch to drive (.. the timing showed it ….), the road conditions were amazing , with just patches of it still under construction. We were toying with the cars , throwing it around at will . If I recollect , we touched 160 km/h once , and consistently embraced 80 -120 km/h . It wasn’t me pushing the car , for once it was pushing me !! I was on the edge of my seat all along this stretch !! With Satish applying all his aerodynamic principles’ , sped away like a little mouse slipping through a stack of hay !! Must say , that his driving skills were putting my ford to shame !! 😦

As we reached Srirangapatana , with the old map from my previous trip to Madikeri last year , we chose to take the bypass road to Hunsur , instead of the road through the city and cut short the distance by 11km.

With the guys amusing ourselves with the cars , we completely forgot about breakfast ( and also we had crossed Maddur , despite repeatedly being reminded to stop over for breakfast) but it started to show with all the threats from the passenger seat !! ( 🙂 no offence !!) So we took the bypass road , promising to stop at the next restaurant for breakfast. We stopped at a few places like the Royal Inn and another hotel , just to be reminded as to how foolish we were to have missed Maddur !! With our next hotel being just 6-7 kms away ( surprisingly …it seemed as if every hotel was just 5-7 km away , everytime we stopped to ask anyone ….) but we never could find one !! not atleast for the next 7 or the 10 kms …after the second “5-7 km ”

We feasted on the biscuits and chocolates from a nearby bakery , and continued along our journey. The roads were terrible , and made the drive worse. We reached close to Hunsur when we found ourselves being directed to park near a hotel by our very own “mama’s“ !! We had breakfast and started towards kushalnagar .

The roads after Hunsur through Piriayapattana were hopeless , and took a lota time to cover. All the offroad abilities of the car were put to test !! We eventually reached Kushalnagar by 11:30 . With about three and a half hours to spare before we could check into the resort, we decided to visit the Harangi Dam , which was about 5km from Kushalnagar.

Its a mighty reservoir in the Cauvery basin, storing water that supposedly joins the Cauvery river and reaches KRS . ( correct me if I am wrong ) It was sight to watch the huge walls holding back so much water !! Though it hadn’t rained heavily , and the water levels were low (compared to the last time I had been here ) it still was scary !! We spent the next 3 hours at the dam. As I could notice it was a tremendous rush of thoughts and feelings in my head when i stood there on top of the dam , facing the water with wind through my hairs …. But words just don’t seem to make its way upto the mouth!! They just seemed to be lost …deep down somewhere … One of those “find yourself” moments I experienced when I was there. It reminded me so much of the Z point in Kemmangundi!! Vastness seem to comfort my mind with me just in awe at the sight in front of me !! Truly a memorable moment!!

Then we headed to Veerabhoomi where we would halt for the next two days. Veerabhoomi is resort , with a hill in the backdrop and beautiful landscape surrounding it. The entire theme of this resort reflect the good old days of the kings , with each cottage named after a province of then Karnataka (We stayed in “Vijayanagara” and ”Chalukya” ) and mock ups of canons in lawn completing the picture. Not to forget , the crossed swords and the shield at the door of every cottage!!

We nestled into our cottages , later had lunch in the afternoon , and started charting plans for the evening and the next day. After a heavy lunch , me and Satish so badly wanted to play tennis , but it didt turn out to be so. The court wasn’t marked , one of the rackets were broken, and net was not in place. With the weather getting gloomy , we stayed indoors trying our skills pocketing a ball or two at the billiards table. But then with little time on our hands and too many places to cover we decided to go to The Golden temple!!

It was a great experience being there!! It’s supposedly the largest settlement of Tibetan refugees. The entire settlement is in a small village called Bylakuppe , close to Koppa.

The main temple houses three magnificent statues of “Guru Padmasambhava ” , “Buddha Shakyamuni” and “Buddha Amitayus”. The statue of Buddha in the center is the largest of the three , with it being taller ( 60 ft ) than the other two by a couple of feet. The statues stand 58 feet tall, and primarily made of bronze and plated with gold.

What was amazing about this place was, unlike other temples , We were free to move about exploring the temple as we pleased ,without being looked at as outcastes …..

Hand art adorned the entire temple , be it the walls, ceiling , pillars ….i guess every square inch of the temple except the floor had paintings. It also had these huge drums, long hornpipes and Conch shells which reminded me of the hypnotic beats the last time I was at this temple…

Later , we went around the temple , rotating the cylindrical pillars ( don’t know what its called ! 😦 any help wud b appreciated !!) … there were 1377 ( I guess ….. viks and rakesh …don’t kill me if i am wrong ..) For these guys …went all aound the temple , just to count them !!!

Completely exhausted we returned to the resort . It had started to rain by the time we got back , we couldn’t watch the performances at the stage , as the place was filled with ppl from god knows where , and there wasnt much cover for the rain….

I guess this evening was the highlight of the trip !! We had a great time dancing and discussing controversial issues 😀 ….

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  1. June 6, 2006 at 10:36 am

    It was an awesome experience dude.. u should have written abt salsa..and abt ur dancing skills

  2. June 6, 2006 at 10:45 am

    Will i be killed for this comment in your blog ??? ;)…. Hemanth did salsa, That too very well :)! Now the entry looks complete!

  3. Sowmya
    June 7, 2006 at 10:43 am

    Good write up Hemz..keep it up!!

  4. hk
    June 6, 2006 at 10:38 am

    It sure was !! one hellava trip !! …..yup ,i will write abt it .. 🙂

  5. hk
    June 6, 2006 at 10:50 am

    yeah !! 🙂 i did ppl !! i finally learned to shake a leg !! 

  6. hk
    June 12, 2006 at 8:32 pm

    Thank u Sowmya!! 🙂

  7. August 24, 2009 at 12:58 pm

    Good story on Kushalnagar!

    for details of coorg : http://www.onsouthindia.com

  8. August 21, 2011 at 6:57 pm

    great write-up! funny & informative!

    • hk
      August 26, 2011 at 1:53 pm

      Thanks Tom!

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