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Kushalnagar …..Day 2

Before I start about the second day , a little about the previous evening…..

With the rain pouring down heavily , v were forced to stay indoors, with a few at the Billiards table and the rest in the cottage. That’s when rakesh joined us to play billiards and told us that the rest of the group were learning how to salsa in the cottage …

He started practising the steps and was showing us how it is done . Reshma and rashmi joined in and started repeating after him. Reshma picked it up really fast ( wondered if u already knew salsa !! 🙂 ) and insisted all of us try. But then , I was trying to be myself and hesitated . But it was “Reshma” I was confronting …. 😦 so no luck!!

She convinced me that its not all that difficult and I shud try… and I did ….

It seemed all confusing with me moving like a robot with the movements being so mechanical !! But I was under the hard taskmaster …. She knew her student well …. She broke down the steps into simple “Phases” !!! 🙂 Phase A and phase B !! and counted each move !! Couldn’t stop giggling , cos this reminded me of the drills we used to have during sports days back in school !!! 😛

I messed up a coupla times before I cud get a hang of it !!! and voilaaaaaa I cud dance !! As vikram calls it , I was suffering from the “Hanumanthan syndrome” 🙂

Later tried dancing again in the cottage with ramya , but cudnt 😦 she was too professional , and her hands circling around was making it hard to concentrate!! I seemed to loose the “count” in the “Phase” 🙂 … later got it right when Reshma came to my rescue preventing any further humiliation!!

It was great to watch everyone dance …. Was indeed a moment to cherish.

Later we settled down , trying to start a conversation but with little help….., ended up having talks that any “20 something ” guy/girl crowd wud have. But was fun using terms like “functionality ” ….. “process” … 🙂 … (no words to explain it !!!)

The next day started late ….. we didn’t have much time on our hands cos we had to start towards Bangalore by afternoon , and it was almost 9 by the time we were ordering for breakfast…… So we decided to cancel dubbare and visit nisargadhama alone and head back to Bangalore. With a lot a time to spare to cover just Nisargadhama , we decided to go to the swimming pool. We wanted to use it the previous evening ,but the rain spoiled the plans.

It was great fun playing throw ball and “monkey” ( is there a better name for the game ?? … ) in the pool !! Was fun throwing ppl arnd …. The snaps wud better explain how much fun we had there !!

Then we started towards Kavery Nisargadhama around 11. Its about 15 minutes drive form the resort. Here the river kavery separates into two streams creating an island of sorts, otherwise called as nisagadhama. A metal bridge connects the mainland to the island. Crossing this bridge is quite a task , with it shaking as a whole unit unlike the regular sinusoidal motion with screeching sounds of wooden bridge. Its suspended by metal cables fastened with nuts to the platform. The island houses a deer park , a few cottages , a restaurant, a small fenced area at the entrance with rabbits and log huts on top of the bamboo trees ( well I cant exactly call it grass !! 🙂 ) . We went around the park , stopping by for our photo sessions , a few candid ones too 😀 !! (…ducking and running for cover from vikram and satish !! )

Nisargadhama was the last place on our list, which we covered by early afternoon , and started or journey back home. It was really hard to leave all those places and memories from them behind and head towards Bangalore. Didn’t want to bring this up and spoil everyones mood, but I sure felt a little sad when we started from nisargadhama… 😦

But then its always fun being with the bunch of ppl I had around !! Be it here or out anywhere. So cheered myself , turned up the volume, floored the throttle and let the wind just blow it all away !!

On our way back we stopped by at maddur, picked up hot vadas !! It was a treat !!

We again stopped by at shivalli coffee day to relish our vadas …cos we cudnt sit and eat at the restaurant in maddur.

We reached Bangalore around 10, and that marked the end of an awesome trip I had been to. Though not every moment has been encompassed here , but the memories of it remain !!

To put in simple words it was “A KICK ASS ” trip!!

And for my memories with ppl .. .here it goes …

Vik – The phone call when we were driving back !!! Damn !! u got me there dude !!

Rak – The rotating cylindrical pillars !! Dude u sure have stamina that can fool ppl judging u by ur frame !! Rakesh the Man !! ( 1300 + pillars in each direction ….. phew !!)

Sat – Mr Pretty Feet !! ( well a little more than just that … 😛 ) …

Ramya – Dancing queen !! sorry !! I cudnt measure up !! 😦

Reshma – Salsa !! Me bowing !!! Thank U !!!

Sowmya – Doli !!! Hope we get to really carry urs in ur marriage too !!

Swetha – Photography !!! U must be blessed with a lense in ur eyes!!

Rashmi – My car “can” fit u in comfortably !!! 😛 ( no offence !! )

Some assorted snaps here

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  1. June 21, 2006 at 1:44 pm

    My memory with hemanth –
    Hem – Mr.Salsa … U dance very well 🙂 . I never knew !!!!

    BTW bout the candid photos… :D.. some people are not very happy 😀

  2. hk
    June 21, 2006 at 3:08 pm

    Swe – Thank U !! 🙂

    Vik and satish ,
    guys sorry !! 😦 really didnt mean to ridicule either of u!!

    but its a snap to remember !!! 😛 ….. ok i am getting killed now!!

  3. Rashmi
    June 21, 2006 at 3:50 pm

    My car “can” fit u in comfortably !!! ————-u just wait until i meet u the next time…u are gonna get solid whacks from me!!!!:D;D;D…..u are asking for it:):)

  4. hk
    June 21, 2006 at 9:03 pm

    ha ha 🙂 ……looks like u project mates teaming up against me ha??

  5. Resh
    June 23, 2006 at 12:18 pm

    i am a taskmaster?? that too a hard taskmaster?? ur making me sound like a drill seargent..

  6. Sowmya
    June 26, 2006 at 2:11 pm

    My memory with Hemz-
    It was cho chweet of u to get into that dirty lake and get lotus for all of us as soon as v asked….That was damn impressive…can never forget that gesture…

  7. hk
    June 25, 2006 at 3:00 pm

    he he 😀 pun intended !!!

  8. hk
    June 26, 2006 at 9:25 pm

    The flowers were really beautifull !! Always wanted to pick one from the lake……I wud have still gone and got one just for the fun of it …..

    The pleasure was mine !! 🙂

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