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I am back !

Ever so often you find people making excuses ( including oneself ) of being busy, not having enough time …… which when probed a little deeper would invariably see one lost in their life’s quest… or so they believe …. which the rest of world calls being “employed”. Your job would be a quest, if you are building the next spaceship to go to mars ( i wonder why moon eludes me in this regard )….. the next possible cure to cancer ….. or the next generation car that can go very very very ( some more …) very fast but still runs on something other than petrol. These are things that enrich our lives and moves the human race forward. These are the kinda jobs that makes you wear glasses , maintain observation diaries … and mine ….doesn’t ! With almost five months between my last post, i would then have to be more than just busy !! But then that of course , would be a lie !! We are always busy with things to do , people to visit , stuff to take care of …… but there is always some time ( sleep is a crutch ! )

The truth is , through the ever changing list of priorities blogging seemed to have invariably disappeared and here’s me taking a second stab at it to get it back into rotation. For anyone lurking around your haven’t missed much ! Stick around , you will see some white noise !

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  1. Swe
    March 17, 2010 at 11:22 am

    Couldn’t agree more. I have no excuses either (I couldn’t be ‘that’ busy!) for dissappearing from the blogging world. Let me just say, I for the last one year been to busy talking to myself and have been vary of putting it down for other to read :). An honest excuse 🙂

  2. hk
    March 18, 2010 at 1:13 am

    Hey ! Thanks for checking in ! And Oh .. talking to oneself is enriching ,cos many ppl fear the very thought !! And by being vary i guess you are with me about the saying …. “think all you speak but dont speak all you think”… 🙂

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