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Thats all folks! – Steve Jobs

If you have ever owned an “i” product ( chances are you might be reading this on one … ) or have known someone who does, or even held one on your hands briefly, then you must already know what this post is all about. While the news was the hottest trending topic all evening and this morning , there has been an unfamiliar lull here at the office. This is not a wildly unexpected move , everyone knew this was coming … considering his previous prolonged medical leaves. And its no surprise that Tim Cook, the next in the line of command was named the CEO, considering how he had already been handling the responsibilities in Steve’s absence… but everyone hoped that it wasn’t time … just not yet. As I tried to understand this, I slowly began to understand the denial. Its how we go through our lives everyday actually ….especially when we are having an amazing time, we know all good things come to an end, we know that the day is coming when it will end yet we live with the hope that it will go on for just a day longer… and when it truly does , the show still must go on …. its the exact same feeling.

The show must go on, and it will … but the question is .. Will it ever be the same again? Not quite! I don’t think so, and here is why …. If you know Steve was going to look at your work , you would naturally try so much more harder…. Someone else? .. Not so much … and that right there is what this post is all about. Trying to humanize an otherwise cliched phrase : He is irreplaceable !! There is going to be tens and thousands of posts ( just like this one ) with millions of lines of digital ink over the next few days taking a stab at it, attempting to encompass his life, his work and the legacy he leaves behind … but in all likelihood falling short or failing even.

Its easy to see why. A brief look into the history of Apple, his work, or one of his keynotes even is enough to tell you that you are watching a remarkable man. In awe, I would wonder what makes him tick, what does it take to make something like this happen, what is he actually doing that is making it seem so right ? I never truly understood. One could speculate endlessly, but as I learnt it about five years ago, you really get it only when you have used one of the products he has created. What he has created… is a pantomime ….an extravagant expression of an emotion in a manner that excites you at levels you never truly understood or knew even existed. Relevance, simplicity and the “right”-ness resonates in every aspect of the product and in many ways they are every designer & geek’s wet dreams!

And in attempts to understand all this at the place where it all happens, I have learnt several things. But if there is one thing I have learnt here, and learnt well, is that “Motivated” and ”Love” are two loosely used terms to indicate the same thing at a workplace. But in reality they mean two very different things entirely … if you have truly understood it. We are all motivated to work, but we don’t necessarily love what we do. Period!

Yes .. I may be exaggerating , I may be incessantly obsessed by all things “Apple” …. But going be the sheer relevance of everything he has done during his time … for his time … creating a brand that is the highest valued today , a firm more valued than any another tech firm today or the most powerful government even … is saying something.

Above and beyond it all , … by far and away .. the whole business of marrying art and technology … hasn’t been so elegantly done since the days of … lets be honest .. Da Vinci. And praise doesn’t get higher than that!

Steve – Thank you ! Godspeed!!

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