We live in two worlds simultaneously. The tangible one….. in which you breathe, touch, see, feel and respond physically.. otherwise called reality, and the second being the intangible world …in your head. The subtle yet intimate relationship between these two worlds is what inspires this blog. Though not strongly enforced, i would mostly document my musings and antics of trying to understand how one controls the other. I believe this intangible world runs our lives constantly. And the realization of the tremendous influence it has on reality and the fact that it actually controls it (in most parts) , to say the least …is empowering! This is reflected in our behavior, which contrary to popular belief is not random. The material of this world are all the thoughts (either conjured or as a response) that shape our reality. People call it perception or hallucinations which takes my fancy. This is my muse.

That said, my thoughts here would evolve, explode, go weird , or get personal, or mostly silent …. all depending on where my thoughts take me. As a result I will be non-linear at times…If you disagree, be nice and leave a comment 🙂 . For all you know, i am just ….. hallucinating!

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