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An american dream ….. fullfilled :D

September 28, 2008 2 comments

Its always been a longing feeling to tame one of the wild horses …… and i got to do just that a few weeks ago ….

A Corvette … ZHZ …… 😀

Just like any other , given that american cars havent been too much fun…. ( Its not me ….. everyone writes them off …)  ever since i can remember. But it was the ford mustang that reinstated my belief otherwise…..and the corvette redefined it with a whole new meaning.

For the greese monkeys who wish to crunch the specs , its a 6.2 L , 436 hp V8.  The ZHZ features a “Sport/Tour” selector (Magnetic Selective Ride Control) which unviels the two faced beauty/beast.  The steerign is a little rigid in the tour mode , and the car is a pleasure …. well thats just half the story ..  switching to Sport , and engaging the paddle shift gears invokes the grunting beast ….and there starts the relentless scuffle of pushing each other … and sadly .. u are always left hoping you could handle the rush better … there is no taming this one .. 😀

Though there is no known comparison of the the Corvette against the Mustang ,I always wondered if the corvette experience would live up to its overhyped reputation … and personally the Mustang always commanded a special place  … But  after haven driven both , this one rests all my doubts for good …

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Kushalnagar …..Day 2

June 6, 2006 8 comments

Before I start about the second day , a little about the previous evening…..

With the rain pouring down heavily , v were forced to stay indoors, with a few at the Billiards table and the rest in the cottage. That’s when rakesh joined us to play billiards and told us that the rest of the group were learning how to salsa in the cottage …

He started practising the steps and was showing us how it is done . Reshma and rashmi joined in and started repeating after him. Reshma picked it up really fast ( wondered if u already knew salsa !! 🙂 ) and insisted all of us try. But then , I was trying to be myself and hesitated . But it was “Reshma” I was confronting …. 😦 so no luck!!

She convinced me that its not all that difficult and I shud try… and I did …. Read more…

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Kushalnagar …..Day 1

June 5, 2006 9 comments

To just say that “I had returned from one of the best trips ever “ wud b an understatement !!

Had been to Kushalnagar last weekend with 8 of my colleagues, little did I expect that it would turn to be one of the best trips i had been on so far!!

Despite the speculations about all the places on our minds , accommodation hitches, permutations and combinations of plan A’s , plan B’s and C’s …. we decided to go ahead with the plan , we stuck to it ,and it finally payed off !! I wud b a hypocrite if I don’t say , that at a point I had given up all hopes of this trip from happening and was in a good mind to suggest scrapping the idea cos we cudnt manage accomodation!! Thanks to the perseverance of a few determined guys and rest of the clueless bunch ( who until Friday evening , didn’t know where we were going and for how long!! Except that we were going , and by our cars ) . Must say , without Vikram HV and Satish ‘s “ We’ll go , come what may ” attitude it wouldn’t have been possible !! It was probably the sole reason that propelled the whole thing and made it happen !! Kudos To u guys !! All credit to them !! Believe me when I say that this trip turned to be better than any other planned trips we have had !! Read more…

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