Still learning …..when to hold’em , and when to fold’em…..

February 23, 2011 6 comments

If a fat book from the old archives section is to be believed, god made the world in six days and rested on the seventh…. NO!!!

If you ask me …. On the first day , somewhere between breakfast and lunch, he created the heaven, the earth and everything in between , all while he was still picking the spinach stuck between his teeth.  Easily  disappointed or insulted even he probably threw the toothpick away and set himself a new challenge … raised the bar and decided to create ….. a woman …. for the remaining six and a half days!

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Bokeh happy!!

February 16, 2011 2 comments

Was fiddling around with my D40 & the 50mm, the bokeh on this prime got me interested in an experiment that i had read in a DIY blog recently. Its jolly fun this!! 😀

An Intersection:

The Freeway :


The Moon :


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Hitler, will you be my valentine?

February 14, 2011 12 comments

Its a day of the year where there is a lot of love around. While this is a sight, that makes you feel warm and fuzzy.…. or nauseated watching all the slobbering that could put dogs to shame. Oh no! I don’t mean the kinds where couples all over the world would be nestling into a couch watching romantic comedies to worlds-on-end loading up on chocolates … or singles digging into buckets of ice-cream convincing how couples are fooling themselves going about it. I am not referring to chocolate boxes or balloons ,shaped in the form of a heart either…but instead I am referring to one particular heart …. All 500 ft of it, drawn by the trails of two screaming jets tearing across the skies. This is the kind of love that makes you go week in the knees and make hair on the back of your neck stand up and notice. Its Aero India 2011 in bangalore where quite literally …. Love is in the air!

The crowd in bangalore this year witnessed the Surya Kirans, the LCA, F16s, the Red Bull team and the Eurofighter to name just a few. Dramatic maneuvers, super low fly by’s , intricate aerobatics… an absolute spectacle! Only that … I was not there. But ahhhh … nonetheless , thanks to a dear friend who gave me a run down of the entire event while she was there …over the phone! I could quite literally hear the jets screaming past the cheering crowd , and that made me feel like I was 3 again! Aircrafts in general are amazing. And probably mankind’s proudest invention since ….. lets be honest, the wheel! Military aircrafts particularly are breathtaking. They make you bite the back of you hand and wet your pants in excitement all at the same time. The ability to pull negative G’s sitting in a chair which quite frankly makes an electrocution chair look more comfortable , while not filling up the cockpit with whatever you very well had for dinner the previous night , or this morning … is brilliant! The scarcely believable, witnessing multiple sunrises and sunsets under 24 hours aboard the SR-71 blows you away! Or the ability to not really see a target but yet orchestrate its end hundreds of miles away without even being seen … is like playing God! We as humans should be very proud! Reminiscing how it all began, or importantly how is has sustained through a century leaves me amazed. But then, I am also troubled by a thought that we haven’t really advanced significantly in the last 60 years. Yes, all the jets we have are all better, faster, meaner than the ones back then but then whom are we kidding? The principal working of a jet engine hasn’t seen a dramatic shift. We still use fossil fuels to power them and not water. Flying half way around the world on a commercial plane (even a Jumbo Jet) still takes awfully long… 24 hrs even!! Yes, we had the concord, we flew supersonic in commercial airspace … but then the key words being…. we “had” …. we “flew”… no longer do today! What happened then ? Is it because we can’t ? Absolutely not! Is it because we no longer see the need for it? No! It is because we, the human race are a bunch of laggards who wouldn’t care less unless we were at war with half the world, or ruled by a dictator. Hitler springs to mind here.

Anyone who payed attention in their history class would need little introduction to this man. Sporting a mustache like Charlie Chaplin, the resemblance ends right there. As funny as it may seem, but he was the only human being in all of time ever to look sharp in a four door convertible. Shrewd and a very smart man…. he must have been because he almost convinced the entire world, that he was German! and also survived several assassination attempts. There were forty two known attempts of assassination made against him. And seventeen of which were all at a large scale involving atleast one bomb. One by a german citizen and some by the officers in his own army. Amongst them, three by the same man! Infact there are very few in all of history who come close to lapping up so much hatred , let alone surviving these many attempts. I would be damned sad had any one of those attempts been successful. Let me explain. Before we all are comforted by the thought that people hated him ( his own men even ) as he rightly deserved …. and we are no different in feeling so, I would like you to stop and think for a moment. Though labelled a messiah of cruelty, death and the peril of bringing the world down to its knees for most part of the last century, what he actually was … was a sycophant proponent of technology. Yes, he was as crazy and mad as a dog with rabies or as foolish as a maladjusted serial killer… but! … one would be amazed at all that he has influenced over the last century.

The jet engines for instance, were not developed so that it could take a fat investment banker from London to New York in a few hours, but because Germany wanted faster fighters. Radars were invented not to pull you off the freeway by cops for speeding, or land safely in the airports but to detect incoming airborne attack or the submarines in the depths of the sea. And it wasn’t just military technology, but medicine and other sciences were pushed as well. When his grand plans of ruling the world began to crumble, his increasing desperation led him to push his scientists to create a super weapon that would win the war. This resulted in the development of an aircraft that was described to have a “bell shape” … which was like a flying saucer. In some cases, his ideas were so outrageously ambitious that they never got past the drawing board or conceptual design. Looking back at his nemeses, there are various things he had done wrong, but the one thing he did get right, was to kick start the race for developing and improving technology. Now most of us look back into the books of history to despise him for giving us the second world war, but I think we should thank him. No, really!! Not so much for the second world war, but certainly for the cold war that followed after.

The cold war was a golden age for technology. Its all too good for words, despite nations and people living with the notion that even the slightest provocation would bring a response in the form of a mushroom cloud! This was the age, during which the scientists put the human race ahead of its time atleast by a century. It was the age that brought us cell phones, wireless networking, microwave, velcro, automatic weapons…. Well how much time you got to read ?? And oh.. my personal favorite … the Minox DSC … heck this was the age that put a satellite in orbit, a monkey into space and a man on the moon!! All this under 5 decades. People during these years, have seen such advances in technology, its easy to see why they lived the most enriched lives. If one had access to either channels of information , its said that a man would go to bed and wake up next morning to learn that something new was either built or being tested. In contrast, the reality today is somewhat worrying. Today , instead of getting up at 3 am to watch a fuzzy man in a chubby suit bouncing around a spacecraft on the moon … we delinquently lurk around Facebook profiles… or google’s provincial abyss! And thats sad. Its a revolting thought I know, but somehow to me the chubby man’s images are more captivating than anything i can find on the internet today. Cos those are the kinda of images that let you fancy a date in space, dinner on the moon and a vacation on mars.

But sadly though, man today is more civilized, more “learned” , more intelligent. More intelligent to realize that war is actually good. No, I dont mean the ones involving human casualties, I mean the cold war. Or more aptly called the “Ego War“. The ones in which the casualties are limited to loss of money, technology and equipment because the benefits of such a stand off is profound for mankind. The thought of a man who stamps the Swastika the wrong way all over the world map, and goes nein ..nein ..nein everytime there is a tolerance or slack in the end product, will put us back on track. It will ensure we push ourselves to further technology and explore outer space . This would be like going back to the days that gave us memory foam, a valve small enough to go inside a human heart, satellite navigation, flat screen TV or the ability to spot an asteroid hurling itself toward earth millions of miles away. I want the good old days back. I want all the lunacy back. I want Hitler back!

Well you might still argue that he was responsible for millions of deaths, reduced thousands of lives to many years of digging tunnels. He made even the most stone hearted men cry, left a lot of people bewildered by his ruthless means. Call him a tyrant all you want, but … in certain ways, he did advanced the human race … and according to a movie I watched last night(The King’s speech) he made King George VI, who was plagued with speech impediment…. get over his inhibitions and speak flawlessly! And that right there my friend is a beautiful thing!

Happy Valentines day everyone!

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An AK47 for me please!

February 9, 2011 6 comments

Meetings are for people who need amusement at the cost their company’s time and money. I walked into a meeting i was invited to at the very last minute… but that lasted an hour and a half! And at the end of it I was staggered at how little we achieved in that time. It was a forum of 7 .. and that’s almost 10 hours collectively! Personally … the worst use of 90 min clearly. I felt cheated!!

Contemptuous reasoning tells me it is because, in a meeting there is always an engineering “guru” who shakes his head in disagreement for every suggestion, a management “guru” who nods in agreement at every argument yet throws open his palms hinting how selfless his suggestion is. Subtle and sublime… but i call you!! Or…. there is always someone who has an opinion on everything and wishes to share it. But the trouble is, on every such instance without exception there is someone with an equally large mouth who disagrees . And that is cue, for everyone else… to attend to their pending emails, chat with someone not in the room, or worse …doing their nails….all while two people call each other names and consider throwing the whiteboard markers at each other.

Given a choice, i would want to ban all meetings! Now that some bald heads in the corner offices would go pink nodding vigorously at that suggestion i think we need an alternative. So instead, I want my meeting maker to be updated. The small drop down that allows me to request for a projector, a white board, or a teleconference setup etc.. while blocking a room should be updated to let me choose a weapon of choice i am allowed to bring to the meeting. This for sure would save the rest of us a whole lot of time because the next time there is a disagreement, the ones involved could go out and sort things out like real men until one comes back with a black eye, or with a white flag, or full of holes or doesn’t return at all!!

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February 8, 2011 2 comments

Ever so often, you are focused and striving so hard to pull yourself up a ladder only to realize that it was leaning against the wrong wall all along..… huh!

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Chicken Soup!

February 1, 2011 2 comments

This year started with a vacation. An eventful vacation at that .. this one!

I got back home at around 4 in the morning and after spending an hour with my parents I went to bed by 5 AM , which somehow my body-clock seems to be more comfortable lately. I was extremely excited and very happy to be back home. The idea of spending the next 5 weeks away from work & emails …but mostly by the idea of spending time at home and meeting people i hadn’t seen for a while was .. blissful. However a couple of hours after i woke up, i was occupied with a thought. I was reminded of a statistic that was thrown by a friend, who says according to a survey over 87% of the people who participated voted for Monday to be included as the third day of a weekend, and the week would have just 4 working days and actually started on a Tuesday. A couple of things strike me as odd about this, one is why would anyone care to conduct such a survey and two …why would anyone be bothered to participate. But most of all what bothered me about it was what would one do with an extra day on a weekend ? .. because an hour into the first day of my vacation i was out of ideas, i had gone through the entire newspaper and the advertisement flyers that came with it, responded to all my emails, eaten everything in the fridge, scrolled through the list of channels on tv and even offered to help my mother in the kitchen. She promptly walked up to me, put her had on my forehead and asked me to get some sleep!!

Now you see, i was bored. That’s the thing about taking a vacation when everyone else you know is working. Its worse when it starts on a weekday! I hate boredom. It makes me do stupid things. Boredom forces you to call people you haven’t seen for years … and halfway through the conversation you remember why you left it so long. Boredom means, you wash the car, polish it in the morning and leave it out under a tree full of birds … just incase tomorrow turns out just as boring! Eventually boredom gives you half a mind to learn knitting … really! Personally…. i wished upto and falling ill is better than being bored … and I did! thrice! But it was just two days i had to endure and then the weekend!!
What followed for the remaining 4 weeks however…. was more like the last 15 min from cirque du soleil !! A lot happens to clearly follow, yet you are left amazed by the experience.

Before i let this post run away with my mental shenanigans … in short … An Epic wedding (of a dear friend …yes you Resh), over 2000 Km of driving, pleasant surprises (a gorgeous one), tons of good indian food,great time with family and friends(not so much on one particular instance), hours and hours of sleep … and some more, and then … more weddings!! All this accompanied with several drives with profound conversations (thanks Manj!), and a wonderful dinner at a place called and quite literally “under the mango tree” (Thanks Swe! .. and i would recommend this place to everyone! The ravioli there was easily the best i had tried in town) … it was blast. I had an great time. It probably wasn’t the most sorted start to the new year, but it sure was fun. I seemed rather pleased with Jan and happy about the start.

Happy new year everyone! =)

(: :)

January 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Its 1:37 in the morning …. an hour and a half away from my flight to Hong Kong. The last couple of hours of my Vacation!! Paul, if you ever get to read this … I did take the planned vacation!! I just hope everything else I wish to accomplish goes as planned as well … 😛 … 2011 … might just be the year!

2011 … BRB

PS : BRB – Be Ready B*tch!